Living with loss

It can be difficult to study when you’ve lost someone, even if it’s been a while. It often takes you further to talk about it with others who have had a similar experience. It’s a relief, you can learn to deal with the loss a little better: by finding the space to enjoy life more again, or by learning to live with your mixed feelings. During a Living with Loss group course, you and other students meet weekly, a total of five times.

Dealing with conflicts

In your home, workgroup or board, or in your relationship you can at times get into conflict with each other. How do you deal with that in a good way? Could the relationship also become stronger? In this workshop we will work on non-violent conflict resolution skills.

Motivation and learning

If you find that you lack motivation to study, welcome to the club. Just about every student experiences this problem at one time or another.

Motivation is important for good studying. When you are motivated, you will find it easy to stay focused over a period of time. When you are not motivated, you will not only find it difficult to stay focused, but you will find it difficult to get started in the first place

Team Training

What drives you personally and as a team? Learning to think and act as a team is an asset for life. You will learn how to deal with personal differences and use them to grow collectively. How do you respond wisely to disappointment or incapacity? Team trainings are always customized. Depending on your demand we will focus on, for instance, communication, conflict management or vision development.

Auschwitz Study Trip

Remember and reflect with other students

Our annual four-day visit to former Nazi death camp Auschwitz is open to students from Dutch universities and hbo institutions. You are invited to join us and reflect with fellow students.

Contact us for further details on our next study trip to Auschwitz.