Spiritual wellbeing

Rob van Waarde, Spiritual counsellor, Studentenpastoraat 010

Open to all students, regardless of your religious or secular background

We all need a sense of where we are going in life, and what is our purpose. Normally we take this for granted, but the world in this Covid-era has changed. Daily routines need to be refound, many dear ones are at a distance, and it may be difficult to keep our motivation. Much of our sense of orientation has become uncertain. While these times are difficult to live through, they may also teach you about what is most important to you.
The best investment in yourself is taking care of your spiritual wellbeing. Finding your motivation, dealing with disappointments or loss contributes to personal leadership. This will remain valuable long after. Awareness of your personal inspiration helps you select a future employer worth your talent.
What participants to our activities say: 
‘You can speak freely. You are urged to start your personal learning process, which really makes you grow. Taking charge of yourself … I really enjoyed it’.

Studenten interviewden Rob van Waarde over Spiritual wellbeing. Dinsdag 3 november 2020 vanaf 20u is het online op de website van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

Motivatie en voldoening in je loopbaan

Workshop via Zoom: woensdag 9 december 2020.
Meld je aan op de Career Services van EUR
De volgende onderdelen komen in de workshop aan bod:
• tips voor het vinden van werk dat voldoening geeft
• identificeren van rolmodellen en hoe zij een rol hebben gespeeld in je leven
• verkennen wat deze factoren je leren over een passende loopbaan

Join the ‘Inspiration Workshop series – Motivation and Learning’

How do you maintain your motivation and deal with problems in Covid-times? This interactive online workshop enables you to learn from the circumstances and develop personal leadership. Sign up now by sending an email to: vanwaarde@eur.nl
Please note: you can register up to one day before the workshop series start.

The Inspiration Workshop series Motivation and Learning consists of 3 online meetings
Dates: 1, 8 and 15 December
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


Watch or read about inspiring ideas:
• Authentic personal development asks you to discover the one gift you have to bring, as trainer of CEOs and artists Carol McHugh explains
• Social distancing asks us to cope with the loss of our horizon and certainties.
• In our fast and stressful society, how do you find resonance in your life? Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57hqmqyQfdk

‘Bright conversations’: drop in for a conversation twice a day 7/7. Or book a 1 hour conversation

For a good conversation about motivation, family, discipline, anxieties, stress and living together in student houses. Contact us daily 4-6 and 8-10 pm, including weekends, by phone 010 3117026.
 You can also book a 1 hour conversation at other hours via email vanwaarde@eur.nl

Team Training (for boards or committees)

What drives you personally and as a team? Learning to think and act as a team is an asset for life. You will learn how to deal with personal differences and use them to grow collectively. How do you respond wisely to disappointment or incapacity? Team trainings are always customized. Depending on your demand we will focus on, for instance, communication, conflict management or vision development.

Meditation: use an app, or join our live group

Practice spiritual wellbeing by meditation apps, e.g. the Insight Timer app, which offers exercises from a range of religious backgrounds, and you can meditate together with friends online
For personal (online) meditation you can join a session four times a week: Sunday 6 pm and Monday 9.30 am (both English), Wednesday 8 pm and Thursday 9.30 am (both Dutch). Enrol via info@Rapenburg100.nl. A session consists of a short introduction, a meditation of 20-25 minutes, and the opportunity to chat afterwards. No experience required.

What participants say about us
‘The inspiration workshop showed me that no one’s life remains unaffected by social distancing. Exchanging personal experiences gave me the opportunity to learn how others – outside my personal networks – live with these challenges.’

‘The workshop makes you aware of patterns in your behaviour and in society. In a small group you understand one anothers’ challenges, and you learn insights that help you in your personal situation. The conversation facilitator makes analyses and connections to increase the outcome.’

‘My experience of the Inspiration Workshop? Relief: the opportunity to express your thoughts and heart! While the other persons in the group are new to you, the familiar and safe atmosphere helps you release the burden you felt before. Even online!

It helps to talk about what the future is going to look like, to collect my thoughts and focus on what I am learning from this. You can speak freely, and you are urged to start your personal learning process, which really makes you grow. Taking charge of yourself, with a little push by Studentenpastoraat010. I really enjoyed it.’

Dr. Rob van Waarde rob@studentenpastoraat010.nl +31 6 41935997
Skype: robvanwaarde
You also can join myeur.nl

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