Event details
Date: 20 oktober 2020
Address: Voorstraat 60 Delft

New courses will start in October LIVE (respecting corona-rules) at Voorstraat 60 in Delft.
Intake/information: www.motiv.tudelft.nl (use the calendar) or send a mail to: info@motiv.tudelft.nl or rob@studentenpastoraat010.nl

Groupsessions English
Data: Tuesday 6, 13, 20, 27 October and 3 November 2020
Time: 4-6 PM

MoTiv faciliteert de cursus verlies verwerken (geen kosten) voor studenten en promovendi in Rotterdam en Delft.
De nieuwe cursus start LIVE in oktober op de Voorstraat 60 in Delft.
Kennismaking/informatie: www.motiv.tudelft.nl (vul je voorkeur in op de kalender) of info@motiv.tudelft.nl or rob@studentenpastoraat010.nl

Bijeenkomsten Nederlands
Data: Donderdag: 8, 15, 22, 29 oktober en 5 november 2020
Time: 16-18 u

Studying can be hard when you lost a relative or friend, even if it happened already some time ago. It often feels good to talk with people who have similar experiences. Enjoy the talks, learn to live with your loss just a little bit better and  allow yourself to be happy again or deal with your (mixed) feelings. Personal coaching also available, reserve your time in the calender.

Enroll now! or ask for more information: info@motiv.tudelft.nl or rob@studentenpastoraat010.nl

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